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Therapy in California for Adults

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or career changes? I'm here to help guide you.

Welcome to a space of healing and growth, where individualized support meets compassionate understanding. As a dedicated psychotherapist specializing in mood disorders, relational challenges, and the intricate phases of life transitions, I extend a warm embrace to individuals seeking positive change.


Navigating the complexities of emotions, relationships, and pivotal life stages can be both transformative and challenging. Here, we embark on a journey together, fostering resilience, self-discovery, and empowerment.


Your well-being is at the heart of our therapeutic alliance, and I am here to guide you with empathy, expertise, and a commitment to fostering a brighter, more fulfilling path forward.

As a psychotherapist offering telehealth services in California, I am committed to guiding you through the challenges of emotional well-being.  While I am based in West Los Angeles, I am able to offer therapy throughout the state via secure and confidential telehealth platforms. We can bridge the gap between distances, making the therapeutic process flexible and tailored to your unique circumstances.


Embrace the opportunity to prioritize your mental health from the comfort of your own space, knowing that support is just a virtual session away. Welcome to a modern process of mental well-being, where healing knows no distance.

Areas of Focus in My Practice:


 -Understanding the root causes and triggers of depression
 -Developing coping mechanisms and
 -Exploring and reframing negative thought patterns
 -Creating a personalized self-care plan

 -Identifying and managing anxiety triggers
 -Teaching relaxation techniques and mindfulness
 -Cognitive-behavioral strategies to challenge anxious thought p
 -Developing healthy coping mechanisms

 -Improving communication skills and emotional connection
 -Building empathy and understanding in relationships
 -Resolving conflicts in a constructive manner
 -Exploring individual and shared values and goals

 -Managing the transition from high school to college
 -Coping with academic and social pressures

 -Building a supportive social network
 -Developing time management and study skills
 -Addressing homesickness and adapting to a new environment
 -Navigating the transition to post-graduation life
 -Clarifying career goals and aspirations
 -Coping with the uncertainty of the future
 -Developing a job search strategy
 -Managing the emotional impact of leaving a familiar environment

 -Exploring and aligning career goals with personal values
 -Developing a career plan and setting realistic expectations
 -Enhancing professional communication and interpersonal skills
 -Coping with workplace stress and navigating office dynamics
 -Balancing work and personal life

 -Exploring motivations and reasons for career change
 -Assessing transferable skills and identifying new career paths
 -Addressing fears and uncertainties about change
 -Developing a strategic plan for transitioning careers
 -Building resilience and adaptability in the face of change



Relationship Issues:

Adjusting to the College Transition:

Career Counseling:

Career Change Counseling:

About Me

Hello, I'm a dedicated psychotherapist with a passion for helping individuals navigate life's transitions. My focus is on working with women who may be experiencing various life changes and challenges. I provide a safe and supportive space where clients can explore their thoughts, emotions, and concerns while developing effective coping strategies. With a compassionate and non-judgmental approach, I aim to empower my clients to gain self-awareness, build resilience, and foster positive change in their lives. Through evidence-based therapeutic techniques and personalized treatment plans, I strive to assist individuals in achieving their goals and discovering their true potential. It would be an honor to accompany you on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

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